Major advantage of a villa is that it comes with a number of amenities that are exclusive to the guests that are staying at the location. Private pools, or a private plot of beachfront are very common amenities. All major Luxury villas offer luxury bedrooms with luxury bathrooms, Private Pool, Jacuzzi, Functional Kitchen, Private Parking, Dining and Living Room with TV, AC, WiFi, Garden and roof top are for partying, etc. Some villas provide the option of a private chef and guests can expect to enjoy a variety of delicious gourmet meals at their leisure and service. Some Villas come with a chef that provides breakfast lunch and dinner, and dinners can be up to 5 courses. You can host parties, reunion, get together with family friends as villas can accommodate 6 to 10 people.


Private Villas can be extremely cost effective for people travelling with family and friends together as the cost can be shared and avail same luxury of a five start hotel.. A lot of villas can comfortably house a large group of people, perfect for friends or extended family holidays. Some Villas have furnished kitchen’s and cooking equipment you have the option of preparing your own food (or having it prepared for you) instead of constantly eating out. 


One of main benefits of staying in a private villa is your privacy. Villas are usually detached properties with private land and space, so guests can enjoy themselves without the crowds of shared pools and lounges, or the noise from neighbors. Private Luxury  Villas allows you to step away from the crowds you may experience during your excursions and retreat into your own personal space, enjoying the peace and quiet.


Private Villas are very secure because there’s not the anxiety of being around with strangers and crowds that may affect your peace of mind. If you have kids they can play around with in the premises and enjoy the pool with total security.